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Why Choose Us?

Customer Service

customer service

We offer our customers total Quality Assurance: We start with our quote process and lead by a project manager. The quote is performed after consultation with you and an on-site visit. All precautions are taken to protect your home and property prior to starting work. This includes drop sheets to cover indoor and outdoor furniture. We prepare the surfaces and inform you of any deficiency of the surfaces.

We perform the painting with our top quality products. If you have any concerns you may speak with the project manager.

The Project Manager will do a final inspection with the customer. The review will begin with a review of the quote and the surface areas to be completed. The Project Manager will perform a walk through with you to ensure the job is completed and to listen to your concerns and answer any questions. Upon payment of the job the customer is encouraged to complete a survey or provide a testimonial. Our performance is measured by customer satisfaction.

Free Onsite Estimates 


A free estimate is an opportunity for you to judge our client service.   We want to record the facts and complete the quote accurately so you may review our quote in detail. We are always pleased to offer a quote.   If you decide to have the work done at a later date, we can reactivate and update your quote.

Additional Information:

  • Estimates are valid for 90 days from the date of quotation.
  • Customers are responsible for color selection. Any changes of color selection after paint has been purchased or work is begun will result in additional charges.
  • If additional expenses are incurred, due to surface conditions not readily visible during the quotation, additional charges may apply.
  • We will always do our best to meet your booking date, however due to unforeseeable conditions (such as weather), we cannot guarantee this date. If this is the case, every effort will be made to reschedule at your earliest convenience.
  • Occasionally an additional coat(s) is required when an area is stained, has embedded debris, or when a deep base color is used. This may result in an additional charge if it is not included in the original quote. We will inform you of this as soon as possible.

Respectful Staff

In order to work on your premises it may be necessary for our staff to interact with your family. We understand that this is your home and our workplace. We are respectful of that fact and conduct ourselves accordingly.

Care and Cleanup

Care and Cleanup

We know that your premises are important to you.  We will ensure that your interior/exterior is not disturbed by our work. We use drop sheets to cover your furniture or flower beds and we clean up any supplies or debris related to the job. We protect your home by ensuring items are removed from the work area while large furniture is moved to the center of the room and protected by a drop sheet.  We remove outlet covers, light switches etc. and place them in a safe area. The floors are covered with drop sheets.

Clean up: Outlet covers, light fixtures etc. are reinstalled. Drop sheets are removed and all work areas are cleaned.

We want you to feel completely comfortable with our workers, both inside or outside of your premises.

Quality Materials

Sherwin Williams

Provided that the surface to paint is clean and dry, good results can be obtained with most quality paints.  But it is necessary to use higher quality products for the best results.  Home exteriors must be protected in order for the product to adhere to the surface.   As well interior surfaces may need higher quality products when covering and existing color or repairing damage to walls or ceilings.

Workplace Safety

Interior and Exterior

We are committed to both our customers and our staff. We comply with WCB requirements, have a stringent Safety policy and hold $2 million Insurance Liability.  We have an excellent record.

Project Management

Project Management

The job of preparing, painting and cleanup are tasks that must be coordinated.  Our project managers, know that it takes time for a surface to dry and we will wait until it is safe before applying a second coat.  Our project managers have experience in both paint and surface repairs, they know that a well-executed plan is the key to success.

For Free Estimate, Call Now: 7 days, 8am-8pm, p:716-308-5300
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